About Us

Who We Are

We are a global customized market intelligence & Procurement Service Provider with presence in Asia and Mexico. We have the experience in conducting complex research assignments & providing end to end strategic sourcing solutions to the clients from corporates to start-ups, with responsiveness, efficiency, and quality assurance being integral to our delivery.

We have presence and strong experience in this emerging markets and we have evolved a robust system and developed our capabilities to match our clients’ challenging and diverse demands.

We are dedicated to help you in transforming and improving your procurement operations to deliver substantial and real savings. As part of our services, we offer comprehensive procurement consulting and outsourcing solutions to our customers. Some of our services include Market Intelligence, Strategic Sourcing Solutions, On-site Audits & Inspection Service, Procurement operations & Procurement Back office support. We are open to customize solutions as per your business needs.

Our expert team of professionals and leaders who have expertise in the field of Market Intelligence, Procurement and Strategic Sourcing solutions are highly experience and trained to follow our stringent methodology. They are highly experienced in designing the customized solutions in the form of strategic insights helping in corporate decision support  and cost savings models for our clients to effectively support reduce the bottom line costs.