Shipping to your Door

Shipping to your Door,

Importing from China can be challenging due to its geographical location, business culture, and language barriers.

The risk of buying at a higher price, quality concerns and on time delivery can be minimized if you work with a trusted, experienced and a professional contractor.

Intelligic Sourcing can help with the Contract Manufacturing, Product Design & Development, QC Inspection, container loading supervision, Freight Forwarding/Customs Clearance and factory visit with local translator and Procurement,.

We also offer spot buying at the wholesale Chinese market should you wish to go direct and facilitate the warehousing for consolidation of the items to ship them in a container.

Our business objective is to provide a single window quality Import sourcing solutions to establish a long term relationship with our clients to save their cost, time & money by providing end to end service and solutions.


Our services include,
Shipping To Your Door

First time importers often find that just the logistics of getting their product shipped is an onerous task.

Even for established businesses, it is an area that can soak up valuable time. Following are some of the areas where we can relieve you of some of the burden, leaving you free to run your business and sell more products.

Save Time & Money

If you are short on time or resources, we can take care of all the shipping and importing steps on your behalf, saving frustration in dealing with multiple parties, languages, cultures and a process which you may only perform a few times a year.

Shipping Terminology

It is vitally important that you understand the incoterms used in regards to shipping. This is an area where mistakes can become very expensive, very quickly. We take the mystery out of the process by explaining the terms clearly, giving you confidence in your decisions.

Customs Duty

We send a detailed specification to our customs specialists so you get an accurate duty rate quote.

Accurate Shipping Costs

We can also assist you with accurate estimates of shipping, insurance, customs clearance and GST costs associated with importing your overseas purchases, and give you a price per item, delivered right to your door.

Keeping in mind all rules and regulations laid down by the Indian Government, our Logistics team works closely with the supplier at each step of shipment of goods.

Sea or Air

Most shipments will come by sea, but in some cases air-freight can be economical and is obviously much faster. This is a decision which need to be made early in the process as it will greatly affect your profit margins and re-order intervals. We can send you on the right path early in the project, so you avoid budget blowouts because of bad freight decisions.

Full Container or Part Container

The effect of shipping costs will vary product to product, depending on the size and value of the item. For many items, once you get close to half of a container load, it can get expensive due to the handling charges, which are applied per cubic metre. We can help you choose the best size of shipment to bring in, and the best shipping method so you can avoid unnecessary freight costs. Click here to contact us today to find out how we can assist with your shipping needs.