Strategic Sourcing Solutions

Strategic Sourcing conducted by Intelligic Sourcing delivers you sustainable value on your procurement from emerging and Global markets.

Intelligic Sourcing is one of the leading and growing strategic sourcing company, We specialize in fulfilling the sourcing needs of global clients looking for cost saving model on annual spends for their raw material. We provide end to end sourcing solutions to our clients by following an exhaustive and clearly streamline transparent sourcing process. Our objective is to identify, qualify and develop reliable suppliers for our clients in low cost countries who are able to meet the technical and functional specifications and provide the most competitive pricing along with the highest quality levels. The multiple benefits of our strategic sourcing services include Sustainable savings, Lower lead-times, Significant improvements in quality of sourced parts and reduction in the risk of supplier default.

Access Emerging Markets:

Emerging markets offer a savings opportunity for goods and services and Prototype Product Development, however gaining access with the right vendor could be challenging. Intelligic Sourcing specializing in Sourcing from Asia can these supply markets fully transparent for you through our Asian network of offices including India as the head office.

Manage Quality and Reliability Risks:

Through strong communication and management of the suppliers on the ground, Intelligic Sourcing ensures that quality and reliability is maintained and any issues are resolved before they impact the critical path.

We Specialize In:

- Strategic Sourcing Solutions

- Low cost Country/Emerging Market Sourcing.

- Confidential sourcing

- Rapid sourcing process (shorter lead times) with existing potential and qualified suppliers only

Our Sourcing Process is Outlined Below:

We take pride in having the Industry team of experts that have the ability to analyze the requirements of our clients and understand the level of solutions and services that they need before rendering them. Intelligic Sourcing believes in the principles of innovation with integrity, excellence and dedication.

We offer one of the most credible Strategic Sourcing Services in India, China and other emerging markets while formulating effective strategies and decisions based on fact-based analysis and market intelligence.